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Florida Long Term Care Insurance

Florida Long Term Care Insurance

Many of us know that Florida has been a magnet for America’s retired population for a few generations already.

Understandably, long term care insurance in Florida would be a sub specialty of a reputable insurance agent who is in the business for over 45 years.

Let’s just cut to the chase. There are approximately 10-15 Florida long term care insurance companies out there.

Medicare Long Term Insurance Florida Policy  


Of those, let’s say 15 Florida long term care insurance plans out there; there may be 3-5 that are super competitive and do most of the business.

But we are talking about your specific situation. It does not help us to know that there are five competitive Florida long term care companies in the market.

Just like a smart consumer, you want to know exactly which one Florida long term care would be the most affordable and the best value for you as an individual or with your spouse.

That is exactly what we do. I’ve got this nifty computer program that I punch in the information of the Florida long term care client and the numbers jump out to the screen.

This is not a difficult job. A Florida long term care insurance plan can be offered for both healthy individuals and those with existing medical conditions. I am sure that you can imagine that the premiums are higher for those individuals with medical problems.

As a general rule, it is terrific idea to apply for a Florida long term care insurance policy before any illness occurs. We are not walking around with crystal balls and really don’t want to imperil our spouse’s lifestyle or lose our independence. The best thing that you can do is to contact me as soon as possible and get from that one life occurrence that can financially ruin anyone’s day.

Let me put on the table some basic facts which highlight the importance of a Florida long term care insurance plan.

#1 The government offers tax incentives to purchase a Florida long term care insurance policy.

#2 It is very common for the wife to be the primary caregiver to the husband when, unfortunately, the husband becomes ill. Many times, after much expense in taking care of the husband, the wife is left destitute in her hour of need. A Florida long term care insurance policy may be the answer to alleviate this situation.

#3 Many times parents are counting on their children or one of their children to take care of them when the parent becomes incapacitated. Often, the parents forget to tell the children of these plans. It would be terrific advice in itself to sit down with your parents or children and discuss exactly what the plans are.

#4 The purpose of a Florida long term care insurance policy should be to cover the financial expenses associated with the potential health risk of needing long term care.

#5 Medicare is a federal health insurance program and is not designed to pay Florida long term care insurance expenses. There are details pertaining to this fact but you should know that Medicare is designed to improve one’s health. Long term care is to care for a person for a long time (or term).

#6 Medicaid will pay Florida long term care insurance expenses for the impoverished and destitute. The state of Florida cannot pay everyone’s living expenses for the rest of their lives. But Florida will provide minimal long term care services for those residents that don’t have a nickel to their name.

#7 One year in a nursing home can cost up to $80,000. Ouch, that is a lot of money. The cost of home health care for only three 8 hour shifts per week can easily exceed $30,000 a year. This is quite a bit of money and Florida long term care insurance should be considered as an option.

#8 If we go over the fine print of Medicare we will discover that Medicare will pay for care to improves one’s health condition. Otherwise, the government is staying out of the picture. Here are some numbers: 18% of long term care is nursing home care. Most long term care is home care, home health care, adult day care, assisted living facility care, etc. Florida long term care insurance may be a solution to this issue.

#9 There are many benefits that a Florida long term care insurance plan will provide and it is definitely worth your while know the options available.

In the past there have been scam artists who would show you the various loopholes to take advantage of the State of Florida’s generosity in providing for its elderly. Well folks, Florida ain’t so generous and I would not want any decent person to spend the twilight of their life getting charity from Florida taxpayers. A Florida long term care insurance plan is one way prevent a financial tragedy from happening.

This is a subject that should not be pushed of and will not simply “go way” for a very large percentage of Florida seniors. A Florida long term care insurance policy may be the solution at the end of the discussion.

Please don't hesitate to call or email me personally. There are many instances in which a Florida long term care insurance plan is not suitable for a person. It is a very good idea to contact me and I will be able to give you very direct advice, very quickly.

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