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State Health Insurance News Snippets in Florida

Here are some bizarre news snippets reported in smaller Florida newspapers that yell out to you folks: Buy State health insurance NOW!

"Woman Drinks Coke, But Does Not Sniff Insurance" by The Daily Shark

A Florida woman who consumed 5000 liters of coke in a period of 18 months has sued the Coke manufacturers accusing them of causing her insomnia and heartburn.

Florida Insurance State Policy  

This woman has no Florida State health insurance policy.

Two Florida courts ruled the soft drinks company failed to warn of the health risks associated with drinking too much Coke and awarded the woman $100 in damages.

Two Florida hospitals ruled the woman had too many Cola-related diseases and awarded her with a bill of $2,000,000.

If this woman had a State health insurance policy, she would’ve been a happier person today.

"Love-Crazed Dolphin Immerses Florida Swimmers" Love Life ’ Blue Oyster Gazette

Global warming and the extinction of sea animals are contributing indirectly to the growth in sales of Florida State health insurance policies.

A love-struck, fully heated up female dolphin is out there in the waters of Florida waiting to chomp on the sensitive parts of male swimmers who dare to venture for a swim.

Fourteen swimmers have been castrated so far. It seems that thousands of male Florida swimmers are rushing to an insurance website,, to pick up insurance policies before venturing into the placid waters. Appearently they do not want to run the risk of paying heavy hospital bills just in case the nymphomaniac dolphin attacks them.

At the time of going to the press, we have heard that Steven Spielberg is planning to make another part of his Jaws saga – entitled Blow Jaws – which is based on this crazy dolphin.

See, State policies have started figuring in newspapers!

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