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Jacksonville Dental Insurance

Jacksonville Dental Insurance: The Stakes Are not that High

Tom Bruise was getting married to Katie Homez in ten days.

Tom’s Know-it-allogy cult preached the importance of whooping it up. And that one of the great ways they taught was to whoopit up by eating steak.

Insurance Dental For Florida  

Tom and his girl planned to really whoop it up before the wedding so Tom had put aside $10,000 for splurging on steak every night.

Tom knew that eating lots of steaks might give him bad teeth, so he and Katie had both bought a Jacksonville Dental Insurance Plan from our site at

They began their steak binge the very next day.

They ate all kinds of steaks at all kinds of fancy restaurants.

They ate tenderloin stakes, rib eye stakes, sirloin stakes, Philly stakes, cheese stakes, swordfish stakes, ostrich stakes and even buffalo stakes.

They ate just about every steak money could buy.

With had buckets of sauce too.

Eight days later both Katie and Tom were sitting in dental chairs.

Tom thought they were lucky they had bought their Dental Insurance Plans just in time.

“Hmm. Tom, both you and Katie are suffering fromdental plaque, dental pulp disease, dry tooth sockets, oral ulcers, gingivitis, fibromatosis, and of course, the worse problem of all – bad breath.

You’re lucky you’ve taken adequate Jacksonville Dental Insurance Plans. If you hadn't you would have ad to sell your mansions to pay for this dental care.

It’ll take me three full days to get your mouths in order, Katie and Tom!” The dentist said.

Thank Heavens, we bought Dental Insurance Plans in Jacksonville when we first got engaged!” Tom replied.

“OK, no problem, we can postpone our wedding a little bit.

“Not so fast, Tom. After so much work on your teeth and gums either or both of you might develope some serious health disorders. It could be anything from facial paralysis to mad cow disease.

You guys were smart enough to buy Jacksonville Dental Insurance Plans, but were you smart enough to buy Jacksonville Health Insurance Plans too?”

When you live in Jacksonville A Jacksonville Dental Insurance Plan is an important part in your life, but a Jacksonville Health Insurance Plan is equally important too!

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