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Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

There are lots of folks who can't afford or aren't eligible for traditional health insurance.

Some people just don't have the money for a comprehensive policy. Others don't work for an employer that provide health insurance benefits and some people can't qualify for individual insurance because of pre-existing health conditions. Others may be recently laid-off, in-between jobs or coverage plans. Millions of Floridians are in these situations.

We offer an alternative to going “naked” to the doctor or hospital.

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Guaranteed Health Insurance Benefits are offered through membership in an association membership program. There are no medical questions asked on the application and once an applicant is enrolled, they are eligible for all benefits regardless of health status. These plans can help you with health care costs. Various guaranteed issue health insurance plans are offered by these folks who are experts in the industry.

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Guaranteed Health Insurance is a Solution For:

  • Recently unemployed
  • In-between jobs
  • Employee strike
  • Recent graduate
  • Waiting to begin other health insurance coverage
  • Alternative to COBRA
  • Seasonal worker

It Covers:

  • Hospitalization
  • Office Visits
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Emergency room
  • Mammogram and screenings

This guaranteed health insurance program isprovided through membership in a group association. This is not a true major medical health insurance plan. The benefits are limited to benefit ceilings as disclosed on each brochure. Florida residents should go to the plan designed for Florida residents.

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