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Don’t Cuss Medicare in Florida.

Robert De Nero decided that it was time America elected Hillary Clint as the President.

He called Hillary up and asked her if he could canvas for her, during her first election trip in Florida.

Hillary agreed, knowing fully well that Robert was a powerful speaker and could get her some extra votes.

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Robert was covered by a Medicare policy in Florida and Hillary too was covered by a Florida Medicare policy. Both were huge fans of Medicare policies and had bought them from our site,

After Hillary finished her speech, Robert grabbed the mike:

“If you guys don’t vote for Hillary and don’t cover yourself up with a nice Medicare HMO policy, loneliness will follow your whole life, everywhere. In bars, in cars, sidewalks, stores, everywhere. There'll be no escape. You’ll be God's lonely people.”

“Some day, a rain will come and wash all our political scum off our streets. Till that day comes, canvas for Hillary and buy yourselves a nice policy.”

“Today is November Fourth. You gotta get in shape now. Too much sitting has ruined your bodies. Too much abuse has gone on for too long. Fifty pushups each morning. Fifty pull-ups. No more pills, no more bad food. Every muscle must be tight. That, plus affordable health insurance. Before you vote for Hillary! Git?” Robert was screaming at the voters and Hillary started getting a little nervous.

“Listen, you @#$%, you @#$%-heads. Here is a woman who’s not taking it anymore. A woman who’s standing up against the political scum, the @#$%, the dogs, the filth, the #$%^. Here’s a woman who’s standing up. Here is Hillary. Buy a Florida Medicare plan and vote for her, you scummers!” Robert was drooling at the mouth now, many aged voters were holding their ears, Hillary was sweating profusely.

“Hey, you little two-bit @#$%, son-of-a-%^&*, rat-$%^&s. If you don’t do @#$%^ nothing for Hillary and Medicare, I’ll make tragedy kings and queens outta you #$%^. All look here cause me talkin' to you! No one else but me talkin' to you about Hillary and Medicare!! And, I'm the only one here. Who the #$%^ do you think is talking to you?

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