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The rate at which bizarre stuff is happening, it's no wonder that health care insurance policies are selling like hotcakes from our site.

Don't believe us? Read these news snippets then: Drunken Lascivious Wild Goats Chew On insurance companies' Profits




The Sunday Ram

It sounds bizarre, but a group of wild goats has busted two large companies..

On the night of Christmas, two fully sloshed drunks of South African origin – covered by health care plans – entered the enclosure of the wild goats and proceeded to feed them with their cheap country booze and some hemp they'd plucked from the zoo garden.

Soon the wild goats got hooked on to the booze and joined the drunks in a wild night of revelry, which included some heavy-duty orgies.

Pleased with the night out, the drunks informed their friends who, after buying adequate policies, snuck up into the zoo and spent nights with the wild goats that would put Dante's hell to shame.

Soon all these drunks, about 200 in number, contracted a strange virus tentatively called the H6N2 Wild Goat Hot Dog Virus.

The drunks are now under intensive hospital care not spending a dime because their health care policies have covered them from all diseases.

The insurance companies have sworn never ever to sell a insurance policy to a drunk.

The Florida Zoo authorities have informed this newspaper that the wild goats are feeling nostalgic, but are not showing signs of remorse. Reformed Brothel Opens Insurance Company On Its Premises.

Hobo Times

A brothel in Florida has decided to reform all its workers and open up a company selling respectable insurance policies to respectable people.

There are teething problems though.

Last week a customer who asked for a policy with a “balloon” premium plan was shell-shocked when the receptionist took off all her clothes and asked him which brand of premium “balloon” he was looking for.

Just yesterday another customer who asked for a “hunky-dory” policy was led away by a “hunky” transvestite called “Dory”.

The Owner of the company, Kunstoffe Klittgarde (a German), says that these are initial hiccups and will be overcome with time.

See, see, state insurance policies have started figuring in newspapers!

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