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  • Dan Casavetes, age 49 Jacksonville
    I have to thank you for quickly finding me a policy that was absolutely perfect for my needs. You guys have unrivalled knowhow and experience and it shows!
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  • Margaret Macy, age 37 Boca Raton
    Joeflorida Insurance is the best provider in the state. If you want professional service and a no-nonsense approach, these people can’t be beat.
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  • Jeremy Fuller, age 48 Clearwater
    I wasted a lot of time shopping around for the right plan. I thought I should give this company a try and quickly wondered why I didn’t do this in the first place. Result!
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  • Daniel Fulton, age 52 Homestead
    I cannot believe how much I saved by shopping with Joe. Knowing exactly how much each insurer charges lets me chose the lowest price. Paying alot is not an option for me ever since my Cobra ran out.
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  • Lionel Dubois, age 62 Pensacola
    At my age I knew that getting individual health insurance would be problematic. I thank Joe and the team for helping me. They seemed to have inside information as to what companies would accept me. This knowledge was invaluable to saving me time & money.
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  • Janice Murphy, age 57 Orlando
    I had a local insurance visit my house representing a company that I never heard of. Thank heavens that I went online and found Joe. Joe not only saved me money but found me a name brand company that charges less.
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  • Erica Stein, age 49 Palm Beach
    I travel alot and needed an plan that is useful even when I am abroad. Joe's staff showed me an incredibly inexpensive plan for Florida only. When I said that I travel abroad then they showed me a plan for a few more dollars that will cover me everywhere. Thank you Joe.
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  • Manual Rivera, age 53 Hialeah
    I am always impressed by a company that has a Spanish speaking representatives. Even though the representative explained the options in English it is good that reverting to Spanish was an option. Saving money with Joe really helped my budget.
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  • Riki Dunwood, age 44 Tampa
    I did not want to spend alot of money. I told them this and Joe's staff presented me a plan that I could afford. Spending less than a hundred dollars a month is what I wanted to do and this site let me do that. Thanks.
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Florida Health Insurance

Here is the plan; We know the health insurance industry backwards and forwards. The potential client clicks
"Click here for a free quote" for the specific type of health insurance plan you desire. The rates for all the major health insurance company will appear for you instantaneously. Very soon thereafter, you will be speaking with a Florida health insurance agent who lives in your area.

The local health insurance agent will give you a detailed presentation and this will bring you one step closer to affordable health insurance.

Florida is a big state and it is good to purchase Florida health insurance coverage from a Florida insurance agent who lives close by. So what is our job?

Florida Guaranteed Acceptance Insurance

"My online health insurance service is an expert at knowing exactly what every health insurance company is charging in every county for every age and gender. - Josephine Spencer, 33, Palm Beach County"


These dozens of local health insurance agents report directly to us. We carefully select the agents we work with to ensure the highest level customer satisfaction. We do this job well and it is our pleasure to continue working via the internet to help tens of thousands of Florida residents.

The local health insurance agents are supposed to contact you, shortly after you fill out the quote form. There are a half dozen options available for Florida health insurance depending on a few factors. Which county you're from, your age, gender, how much you are expecting or willing to pay and your health situation.

This is why we work with the most proffesional knowlegable health insurance agents that will help you in choosing the policy most right for you.

The big question is how much freedom you want in choosing a doctor. Everything is available. The Florida health insurance agent that you will be in contact with will be friendly and knowledgeable. Friendly because an insurance agent is supposed to be friendly and knowledgeable because it is our job to make sure the Florida heath insurance his proffesion.

We are the #1 Service for Affordable Health Insurance

Our health insurance agents are supplied with the most technologically advanced tools available. The technology gives the health insurance client and the agent access to relevant information in real time. This relevant information includes the rates, provider networks, benefits, applications, etc of the leading health insurers in Florida. The agent and the client are both seeing this pertinent information together and are able to discuss all the options available.

In Florida, there are 6 major insurers in the health insurance industry. Each insurer will have 5 or 6 different plans available. We are looking at approximately 30-35 options available to the consumer. Our insurance agents know these plans and will guide the client to the plan that will bring the most advantages.

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

Guaranteed Plans That Will Accept You

Those rejected for health insurance because of pre-existing medical conditions can now qualify for an affordable plan that asks absolutely no medical questions.

Health insurance companies traditionally reject those who have the slightest medical problems. Our guaranteed plan will accept you. This is excellent news for thousands of Floridians who were thinking that they were in dire straits.

Insurers that adhere to HIPPA guidelines are available for impaired risk clients. In plain english this means that there will be no pre-existing waiting period for those that are have had real health insurance coverage within the past 63 days.

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We know the rules, regulations, leads and the insurers that are available for guaranteed health insurance.

Florida Medical Saving Accounts

A Florida MSA is a high deductible health insurance plan with an interest bearing savings that is funded with pretax money. The savings account funds can be used for any type of medical expense with no need to adhere to network limitations.

Contributions to a Florida MSA is exempt from income taxes and just like an individual retirement account (IRA) they will accumulate interest on a tax deferred interest basis.

The money in a Medical Savings Account (MSA) is able to be used at any time for any reasonable medical expense which is slightly different than an IRA. Reasonable is defined by the government as dentists, doctors, chiropractor, prescriptions, psychotherapy, etc.

Long term care insurance can be purchased with tax-free (MSA) money. MSAs are similar to Health Savings Accounts. Please consult with our licensed health insurance agents for complete details.


Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

Florida Medicare Supplements

Florida Medicare Supplements

We offer the Florida Medicare Supplement insurance plan, also known as Medigap insurance, both for healthy individuals and in some cases for those with health conditions who can't qualify for a standard Florida Medicare supplement company. Most Florida Medicare supplement insurance companies that we represent include a prescription discount card with their policies.

HMO's are also available.
Medicare recipients in the eligibility period may prefer a Part D prescription drug plan or simply to purchase prescriptions via Canada.If you are a Florida Medicare recipient or will be soon, please contact us. Our promise to you is that we will present to you the Florida insurance company that offers the lowest rates in your area.

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A Medicare Supplement site that offers a good overview of the industry.

Florida Accident Insurance

This 24 hour accident benefit plan serves to cover holes in the health insurance world. Florida accident benefit insurance can be for a healthy person who feels that he is unlikely to be afflicted with any severe illness in the near future.

Not wanting to spend $250 + monthly on health insurance he still wants insurance coverage in the case of an emergency. Additionally this would apply to an owner of a high deductible Florida health insurance plan who would benefit from an overlapping plan to help pay the deductible. Florida Accident insurance is perfect.

There is a low monthly premium and a $100 deductible.

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Florida Travel Insurance

Many people love to travel, your Florida health insurance will not be accepted in hospitals outside the USA. If you are planning on visiting a foreign country please visit my travel health insurance page. A travel insurance plan is relatively low priced and may be prevent a bad vacation from turning into a terrible vacation. We also have travel insurance plans for international citizens, and vacationers who have come to the State of Florida.

Diplomat International - Outside U.S.
This travel insurance offers insurance for those traveling outside their country to a country aside from the USA. Policy maximums are up to one million dollars are available, and insurance coverage can be for as little as 15 days.

Diplomat America - Visiting U.S.
This policy provides up to half million dollars in coverage for foreign nationals. Those visiting the U.S.A. can be covered for as little as 15 days, or up to a full one year.

Diplomat LT
For those in the market for long term international coverage (3 months to 3 years), This policy is ideal for you. Up to a million dollars of insurance, renewability, and optional "in home country coverage", This travel insurance is ideal for those.

Diplomat Med-E-Vac
Diplomat Med-E-Vac provides emergency medical evacuation, emergency reunion, repatriation of remains, and A, D & D benefits for periods of either 3, 6, or 12 months.

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Travel Insurance in Florida

Florida Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance in the Sunshine State

Florida Group Dental Insurance

Florida group dental insurance plans are available for a small business with as few as three employees or a dental insurance group of thousands. We will help you find the plan that is the most suitable for your company.

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We have Two Options!

The Real Dental Insurance Option - Reimburses you per procedure. A national PPO dental insurance company with 72,000 dentists in the USA, including many in the State of Florida. This dental insurance company has negotiated lower fees from the dentist and you can enjoy the savings. There is also an option to go to dentists that are not part of the network

More Info Get Insurance Now

Dental Discount Coverage Option - This is a more affordable Florida dental plan option alternative to fully insured dental insurance. You can get the big re-pricing savings that will surely make you smile. This is a discount arrangement with the dental professional. The cost savings are large and some of the dental plans will even cover x-rays and cleanings for a small co-payment. Just click in your zip code below and you will see that a dozen or so affordable dental plans are competing for your business. There are over 30 dental HMO plans being offered nationwide through this service. May the best dental insurance help your family save money.

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Online Florida Dental Sale: Three months of benefits FREE. Pay an annual rate and get three months free. The average price is $10 dollars a month per family.

Florida Life Insurance

When you request a quote from us, approximately 30 insurance carriers are solicited for quotes and the most competitive rates and coverage are returned to you. You are then able to compare the rates at your leisure. There is no charge and no commitment what-so-ever.

Our health insurance business model is similar. We put the choices before you in a very clean manner. You see exactly what is available and inevitably you will chose correctly for you and your family.

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Florida Life Insurance

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